Some Things Magic


This past December, I released a short serialization on Kindle Vella! Over the last year, I wrote and edited (and had help editing) a small story I call Some Things Magic. Since the story is set at Christmas time and features a man searching for the perfect gift for his daughter, I held off on publishing until this month.

Interested in checking it out? Just click here:

I am new to publishing on the Kindle Vella platform so I do not know as of yet if I will continue to release more content there. The first three episodes of my story are free. If you want to read the rest, make a Kindle Vella account and the 200 free keys you receive will more than unlock the remaining parts.

As always, feedback, reviews, likes, shares, and follows are much appreciated. Enjoy!

Unto Us

City of a thousand dreams, graveyard of worry until the oncoming morrow, Las Vegas spread as gleaming gold under Night’s cloak. Within the city, among the towering edifices, standing in the entrance to The Templeton Casino and Suites’s parking garage, Dale Carmichael was neither a poet, nor in a position to see the vast city stretch out before him. He pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose and sighed. Jerking the lapel of his ill-fitting uniform straight again, he wandered back into the attendant station. The small booth reminded him of his apartment near the edge of the city, both being of equal size. And both coffee makers locked on the too-weak-to-caffeinate-a-cockroach setting. And the walls of the booth were thicker. And the booth had a television, albeit broken.

Dale ignored the groan of the chair as he sat down upon it. Management said replacing chairs on their last legs wasn’t high on their list of priorities unless he was a patron or worked in the gaming areas. Resigned to the ultimatum that if he didn’t want his rent checks bouncing, he supposed the depressed chair would be his friend for a long while yet. Dale picked up the battered copy of Les Miserablés his girlfriend gave him and opened it to the place he left off. “At that moment,” he read, “she suddenly felt that the bucket was gone. A hand, which seemed enormous to her, had just caught the handle, and was carrying it easily.

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