Ghostwriting the King

It was the days of treating your neighbor like a fellow man, it was the days of not being able to tell who your neighbors are – days of knowing when to leave Miss Clawdy, and days of having no choice but to forgive her. Sometimes you’d see through the lies; others, you’d be hypnotized by big blue Spanish eyes to ignore them. Twenty days of light and twenty nights of starless sight turned my spring fever into blue Christmas nineteen days early. The two of us had it all and nothing, and only death would tell us what we had after because neither of us knew right then. It ain’t like it is now by a long shot. Those who know what it was like tell it like it was tall, ignoring the fact it was moody baby blue and all.

A Tale of Two Cities by Elvis Presley

A wee blurb written for my How to Make Money From Your Writing class. Lesson 7 discussed the possibilities and ideas of Ghostwriting. We were instructed to take the opening lines from Dickens’s work, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times…” and give them a new voice. My attempts at Oprah and Confucius bemoaning the turmoil of the French Revolution were substantially worse than sorting through various song lyrics, so there you go.

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